BlackBerry PlayBook Zip Sleeve

$47.99 $49.99

 Zip up your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet and take it everywhere you go. The BlackBerry® Zip Sleeve gives you streamlined, precision-fit protection—it’s lightweight, durable, and custom-designed down to the colored zipper pull. The neoprene exterior is soft and durable, and the memory foam padding inside helps safeguard your BlackBerry tablet while you’re on the go. It comes in a range of colors, and you can use it with the BlackBerry® Soft Shell or BlackBerry® Skin for added protection.


- Ultra durable neoprene, secure closure 
- Designed for protection with memory foam padding
- Works with the BlackBerry® Soft Shells or BlackBerry® Skins
- BlackBerry Retail Packaged

BlackBerry PlayBook Zip Sleeve
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  • BlackBerry PlayBook Zip Sleeve