BlackBerry PlayBook Skin

$24.95 $29.95

 Keep your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet in top-notch condition and show off your personal style with a BlackBerry® Skin. This soft, textured silicone shell protects against accidental bumps or scratches, and keeps your BlackBerry tablet in place whether you’ve set it down on a slick surface or you’re typing away at full speed. It’s easy to change back and forth between colors to suit your mood, and the custom design gives you access to all the features on your BlackBerry tablet—including the camera, ports, and keys. Use it with the BlackBerry® Zip Sleeve for another layer of protection when you’re on the go. 


- Non-slip, sleek fit, functional protection
- Precision fit with easy access to ports, media keys, and camera
- Works with the BlackBerry® Zip Sleeves
- BlackBerry Retail Packaged

BlackBerry PlayBook Skin
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