BlackBerry Leather Pocket Case - Black Original (OEM)

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Custom-designed for your BlackBerry smartphone, the BlackBerry Leather Pocket keeps it looking good. The durable yet elegant leather construction features a smooth, soft lining to keep your device safe from bumps and scratches. The built-in thumb groove lets you slide your smartphone out easily into your hand in a fluid motion. And inside, hard plastic grooves protect your smartphone's trackball from damage, while the magnetic proximity sensor switches off your smartphone screen as soon as you put it away, to preserve your battery. The sensor can also work with your device to enable it to switch notification settings depending on if your device is in or out of the case.


  • Energy-Saving Magnetic Sensor
  • Built-in thumb groove for easy access
  • Durable leather
The BlackBerry Leather Pocket Case, manufactured by BlackBerry is compatible with the BlackBerry Curve 8520, BlackBerry Curve 8530, Curve 8900, Curve 3G 9300, Curve 3G 9330, Bold 9700 and Bold 9780 phone models.
BlackBerry Leather Pocket Case - Black Original (OEM)
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  • BlackBerry Leather Pocket Case - Black Original (OEM)