BlackBerry Curve Series Lambskin Leather Tote - Original (OEM) HDW-13387-001

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Redefining comfort for your BlackBerry Curve Series smartphone with its premium lambskin leather finish, the BlackBerry Tote allows you to personalize your device in style. For ultimate convenience when you're out on the town, the tote features a removable strap that converts the case into a handy pouch. Protect your device from unnecessary scuffs and scratches when it's in your handbag, briefcase, or pocket. The case features built-in indentations that run along the inside of the case to protect the trackball, and ensure your device is not accidentally activated. It also features intuitive proximity-sensing technology: it knows when your device is in place, and automatically turns off the screen's backlight to conserve power and maximize battery life. The sensor also lets you select different notification settings for your phone, calendar, email and other functions based on whether your smartphone is in or out of the case. Choose ring or vibrate modes (or both) and add your own personal ringtones.


  • Built-in grooves constructed of hard plastic run along the front and back insides of the case to protect the trackball
  • Proximity-sensing technology:
    • Saves power and maximizes battery life by automatically shutting off the screen
    • Can activate different notification settings for phone, email and other applications based on in-holster and out-of-holster profiles
  • Lambskin leather exterior
  • Removable lambskin leather strap so you can attach the tote to your handbag or briefcases

Part Numbers: HDW-13387-001 / HDW13387001

The BlackBerry Lambskin Leather Tote, manufactured by BlackBerry is compatible with the BlackBerry 8300 Curve, 8310 Curve, 8320 Curve, 8330 Curve and 8350i Curve phone models.
BlackBerry Curve Series Lambskin Leather Tote - Original (OEM) HDW-13387-001
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  • BlackBerry Curve Series Lambskin Leather Tote - Original (OEM) HDW-13387-001